Famous Japanese sake and ingredients dishes 居酒屋おだし Osaka Minami


Our store's commitment

Delicious soup stock and carefully selected sake

The counter seats are where the owner prepares the food in front of the customers.
It's sure to be a feast for the eyes◎


table private room

Relax at the counter or in a semi-private room

A private room with a table separate from the counter seats. You can enjoy your private space by lowering the roll. The sophisticated atmosphere makes it ideal for entertaining and entertaining guests. Accommodates up to 4 people.


《Enjoy delicious food while chatting with the chef at the counter》
We will warmly welcome you with seasonal specialties and carefully selected Japanese sake. The counter seats offer an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere that allows you to enjoy the realism of being in a boardroom. There's something special about eating a meal in front of the chef's knife skills.


《You can watch the cooking right in front of your eyes》
You can watch the food being prepared right in front of you, so you can enjoy it with your eyes as well.
You can also have a conversation with the chef, so you'll definitely want to go again!


Recommended for girls' night out

Enjoy casually♪

You can enjoy a casual girls' night out in a Japanese-style and modern atmosphere. In addition to oden, we also have many a la carte dishes, so please hold a girls' party at our restaurant.


《Popular among women! Our signature gyoza》
Although it's a dumpling, it's not sticky at all! The dumplings are not heavy and are very popular among women. We have ``grilled gyoza with garlic'', ``grilled gyoza without garlic'', and ``shrimp shiso gyoza'', so please enjoy your favorite gyoza♪


"Heart-shaped! ? Cute performances too》
The center of the radish is hollowed out in the shape of a heart, making it a waste to eat. In addition to hearts, there are star shapes and more that you can enjoy with your eyes!


Recommended for anniversaries

With your loved ones in a Japanese x modern space

Would you like to eat oden that is perfect for this season and spend time with your loved ones? The atmosphere is Japanese and modern, so you can relax and have a relaxing time. Please come and visit us on your anniversary.


《Recommended special dishes》
Not only oden but also other exquisite dishes! All menus are elaborately prepared, so you are sure to make good memories on your anniversary!


《Comfortable seat》
Please share with your loved ones. If you lower the roll, it becomes a semi-private room where you can enjoy your relaxing time without worrying about your surroundings.


Can be used for evening entertainment

For entertaining seats and various dinner parties

Enjoy oden and other special dishes in a modern Japanese atmosphere that is recommended for entertaining.
You can take your time and relax.


《We have exquisite dishes》
We have a wide variety of dishes ranging from fried foods to grilled foods and sashimi.
No matter what you eat, it's sure to be delicious!


《A modern Japanese izakaya with a noren curtain as its landmark.》
Our store is located along the main street, a 4-minute walk from Nagahoribashi Station, and is easy to find.
Please feel free to come and visit us.


Focus on Japanese sake

We have a variety of famous sake

We have a wide selection of famous sake that goes well with oden and a la carte dishes. Shochu is lined up on the counter.
You can enjoy it with a drink, or you can enjoy it with your friends and loved ones! Please enjoy our famous sake.


《Shochu is lined up on the counter》
There are many shochu bottles lined up at the counter, and you can enjoy a conversation with the owner inside the shop.
You will not only be able to eat and drink, but also have a great time!


《We have dishes that go well with famous sake》
In addition to oden, we also have sashimi such as green peppers, flounder, and red tuna that are perfect as snacks.


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